Introducing EmuDeck 2.1

Plenty of new features, let's take a look!

EmuDeck Store

Now you can browse and selectively download games from EmuDeck's homebrew collection. Uninstall the previous HomeBrew pack from Quick Settings and use the new EmuDeck Store to curate your homebrew collection.

UI / UX tweaks

Introducing a revamped user interface! A new Quick actions section for popular features. A new centralized homepage. Easily locate your favorite EmuDeck tools, including the EmuDeck Compressor, Quick Settings, Cloud Backup, BIOS Checker, and more!

New Emulators

New standalone emulators! Introducing mGBA (Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and GameBoy Advance), MelonDS (Nintendo DS), and Rosalie's Mupen GUI (Nintendo 64). New RetroArch core! Introducing Pico-8. More options for advanced users! Introducing Cemu (AppImage) and Yuzu (Early Access).

USB Transfer Wizard

Transferring games is now easier than ever. The USB Transfer Wizard automatically imports ROMS and BIOS from a USB Drive. USB Drive not included.

Manage Emulators

Get notified when EmuDeck updates emulator configurations. Reset emulator configurations to EmuDeck defaults in one click. Reinstall or uninstall emulators. Install experimental emulators, try out Xenia (Xbox 360)!

Migrate Installation

Easily migrate your EmuDeck installation from the internal storage of your Deck to your SD Card or vice versa.

Cloud Services Manager

Add your favorite streaming services to Steam. Entertainment and gaming covered. Chiaki, Moonlight, Netflix, Parsec, Disney+, and more!

Steam ROM Manager

Two new EmuDeck curated themes, "EmuDeck" and "Deck". The EmuDeck theme is designed to keep things simple and sweet. The Deck theme is designed for advanced users. Visit the new Manage Emulators page and update Steam ROM Manager's configurations to use the themes!


Automatic Steam Input Profiles

A new Steam ROM Manager feature allows EmuDeck to automatically apply Steam Input Profiles. Hotkeys made even easier! These changes will only affect newly added games, so you will need to re-run Steam ROM Manager. New EmulationStation-DE profile! Use the left trackpad to select emulator profiles on the fly. New icons, created by Moskeeto!

Introducing Early Access

Interested in getting new features early? Support EmuDeck on Patreon for a sneak peek of the lastest features :)