Play all your retro games on the go

EmuDeck takes care of everything. Emulator installation & configuration, bezels, hotkeys, performance fixes and more.

A lot more than games

Discover all the extra tools that come with EmuDeck!

EmuDeck Compressor

Compress your games using the EmuDeck Compressor tool, saving up to 70% disk space!


Consult emulator hotkeys directly in Game Mode.

BIOS Checker

Validate your BIOS using the BIOS Checker tool. BIOS not included.

Cloud Backup

Backup your saves to the cloud. Cross platform sync coming soon!


Enable your Steam Deck gyroscope for 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Wii, and Wii U games.

Power Tools

Supercharge your Steam Deck to get maximum performance on emulation.

All your favourite systems

Atari, Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega CD, Sega 32X, PC Engine, NES, Super Nintendo, MAME, FinalBurn Neo, Master System, Game Boy, Neo Geo Pocket, Game Gear, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP, Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, Wii, GameCube, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and more!

Hotkeys galore

EmuDeck follows the AmberElec convention so you can jump right in and button combo like an expert. In some emulators, EmuDeck unleashes all of the Steam Deck's controller configurations using custom Steam Input Profiles.

  • Quit Game: SELECT + START
  • Fast Forward: SELECT + R2
  • Quick Save: SELECT + R1
  • Load Quick Save: SELECT + L1

Tailored to your needs

EmuDeck's graphical wizard will install everything you need in just a couple of clicks. Looking to customize your install? Choose Custom Mode and select shaders, aspect ratios, themes, etc. ROMs and BIOS not included.

Beautifully detailed

Add your games with box art alongside the rest of your Steam library, thanks to a powerful tool called Steam ROM Manager. EmuDeck downloads and configures Steam ROM Manager for you. Add your ROMs to your Steam Library with just a single click.

EmulationStation Desktop Edition

Use EmulationStation Desktop Edition to manage and launch your ROMs. A beautiful front-end with endless customization and themes.

SteamOS, Windows, and Rog Ally

EmuDeck for Windows will be released for free before 2024. Right now it's available for all EmuDeck patrons that have access to early access builds! EmuDeck for Android will come soon after Windows. Check our Patreon for updates on the development of these and other features

EmuDeck Installation Guide

Follow the simple guide here or watch this amazing video by RetroGameCorps

  1. If you are using an SD Card, format your SD Card in Game Mode on SteamOS. SD Cards need to be formatted as ext4 (or btrfs) to be compatible with EmuDeck.
  2. Switch to Desktop Mode by pressing the STEAM button, then the Power button, and select Switch to Desktop. Download the EmuDeck Installer. Copy the installer to your Steam Deck's desktop. Run the EmuDeck Installer.
  3. Copy your games to the Emulation/roms folder created by the installer. Open Steam ROM Manager through EmuDeck. Each parser corresponds to an emulator or tool. Enable which parsers you would like to use.
  4. After you have selected your parsers: Click on Preview. Click Parse. Wait for all the images to download. Click Save apps to Steam. The first time may take a few moments, After it saves successfully, your selected ROMs and tools will be added to your Steam library.
  5. Close Steam Rom Manager. Click "Return to Game Mode" on your desktop and your EmuDeck install is now complete!

EmulationStation-DE: Interested in using EmulationStation-DE as a front-end? Select the EmulationStationDE parser in Steam ROM Manager. Mix and match. Add some of your ROMs to your Steam library and manage the rest in EmulationStation-DE!

Download EmuDeck

EmuDeck updates over the internet so you will only need to download this installer just once.

Remember to copy the installer to your desktop or it will not work.

Need any help or want to contact the EmuDeck team?

Reddit | GitHub | Discord | Twitter | Read the FAQs

Introducing Early Access

Interested in getting new features early? Support EmuDeck on Patreon for a sneak peek of the lastest features like Windows Support, Cloud Saved games, and more to come :)

Emulation Showcase

Take a look at some of the games you can play using the emulators installed and configured by EmuDeck.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is EmuDeck safe to install?
  • A: Yes! EmuDeck does not actually install on your system. It downloads and installs emulators using the same sources you would use if you were to install them manually. EmuDeck configures these emulators and creates an easy to use folder directory to simplify the setup process.
  • Q: Do I need sudo / root access?
  • A: No. EmuDeck does allow you to install plugins like PowerTools which will allow you to manage performance settings. These tools do require you to set a sudo password, but they are completely optional.
  • Q: Does EmuDeck run on other Steam OS devices?
  • A: EmuDeck currently supports the Anbernic Win600 and other devices running HoloISO.
  • Q: What about Windows or Android?
  • A: EmuDeck is beta testing the Windows Edition right now. Android is also in the works.
  • Q: Do you use RetroArch from the Discover store or from Steam?
  • A: EmuDeck currently only supports using RetroArch from the Discover store.
  • Q: Are you planning on releasing a Flatpak?
  • A: Unfortunately creating an EmuDeck Flatpak is not possible at this time. Flatpaks have several limitations that will prevent EmuDeck to work as intended.
  • Q: How can I get notified of new updates?
  • A: You can join the EmuDeck Discord, and the EmuDeck team will announce when a new update is live. To update EmuDeck, simply launch the app from your desktop and the app will update itself upon launch. Follow EmuDeck on Twitter or join the EmuDeck Discord.
  • Q: Is there a Hotkeys cheat sheet for the various emulators?
  • A: Sure, just visit the EmuDeck Wiki for a more detailed cheat sheet!
  • Q: What does EmuDeck install?
  • A: List of Projects installed by EmuDeck
  • Q: I'm having issues running some games. What can I do?
  • A: Join the EmuDeck Discord or take a look at the EmuDeck Wiki.


EmuDeck would not be possible without all of these great tools and emulators